Included here is a small sampling of the research that we are engaged in around the topics of poverty and inequality. We plan to periodically add new findings and publications as they become available.




“Rethinking American Poverty.”

Contexts 19 (2): 16-21.
Short article that discusses new ways of thinking about poverty (PDF).

“From High Hopes to Low Wages: What Happened to the American Dream?”

Salon, April 13, 2014.
Discusses the changes in the U.S. economy over the past 40 years and the effect upon the American Dream.

“The Likelihood of Experiencing Relative Poverty Across the Life Course.”

PLOS ONE 10 (7): e01333513.
Analysis of the life course risk of Americans experiencing relative poverty (PDF).

“Estimating the Economic Cost of Childhood Poverty in the United States.”

Social Work Research 42 (2): 73-83.
Economic estimates on the high costs of childhood poverty (PDF).

“On Culture, Politics, and Poverty”

Contexts 16 (4): 8-11.
Conversation about understanding poverty and inequality from a structural perspective.